Our Story

 Where did the vision of Knights of Honor Motorcycle Association come from?  The original members had a vision of helping our fellow Americans in their time of need, with PTSD issues or other issues that life may have given them.  We do not give a hand out but rather a hand up.  We have each traveled different life’s paths, but faith has led us to this spot in our lives. 


The association started on December 23, 2019.  With the thoughts of helping our communities, and respect for our fellow Americans.  We as an association, are growing as a family, as we grow and learn how we can help our local heroes in their hour of need.  We live by three words FAMILY~RESPECT~COMMUNITY which we proudly wear on our motorcycle vest.


So, Knights of Honor Motorcycle Association was born.  Family is what we are, we come together as one.  When you see our back patch, we do not show any type of group status, as we walk as one unit.  No one, is more important than the other or the vision of the association as a whole.  The silver ring around our patch is for the silver lining behind the dark clouds of life.  We respect each other as well as other people of this great country of ours.  We as individuals and as an association will try to give our community a hand up.  Remember, community is a big word, it can mean your local town or it can be the friends that you hang with…community is your world, respect it because it is your family.


Thank you for reading our story.  Knights of Honor Motorcycle Association always wishes you the best that life has to offer. Keep your bars up and your rubber down.  If you are interested in KHMA, please email us, we are always looking for good members to join our ranks.